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HI-STEAM The European Finishing Experts

Company History
In 1932, George Ferber began selling sewing machines and pressing equipment in New York City.  Soon, he was joined by his son, Bernard, and much later, his grandson Cliff, and the business grew. 

We hope you stop by and visit us at the next show!

HI-Steam Crew, Clean '13

In late 1970’s, the company introduced the new innovative Hi-Steam Gravity Feed (bottle) Iron and patented All-Steam Iron from Japan.  In short time, these irons swept through the market and changed the way the garments are hand-pressed in America.  In mid -1990’s, the company introduced to the dry cleaning industry another innovative idea - this time, the revolutionary Tensioning Equipment from Italy.  With a wholly original concept in finishing garments, the Tensioning Equipment is again changing the way garments are finished in America.  In 2007, the company introduced a tensioning machine with automatic unloader to save time; in 2009, the company introduced a faster and “green” tensioning machine that saves 25% in energy consumption.  We will continue to offer innovation and advanced technology to improve quality of life for our customers.   


What is “Hi-Steam”?
“Hi’Steam” is a brand for all our pressing equipment, known for its quality, advanced technology and outstanding customer service. 

Our Customers
Hi-Steam pressing equipment is used by dry cleaners and drop-off stores, garment factories, department stores, alteration rooms, clothing stores, hotel valet service, We hope you stop by and visit us at the next show!tuxedo and bridal shops, tailors, seamstresses, theaters, costume shops, fashion designers, fashion schools, sewing professionals, etc. etc. 


HI-Steam Crew, Clean '11
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