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See what our customers say about us...

"I bought SAM-451 on "December 23,2022. 

I love the machine."  



Linda Weatherford
Dumas, AR

"I have numerous Hi-Steam Machines (TURBO-JR & JAM-510R). Maryanne, in service, is so knowledgeable, patient and helpful with any issue I have. They recently walked us through problems caused by a broken steam pipe in our building. That is one of the things that makes Hi-Steam equipment so great”

Ken Kinzer
Brooklyn, NY
Products Used:

i recently purchased the HI-Steam SAM-451 Multi Garment Finisher and the PAM-510P Pants Topper.  I have been in this business 47 years and this is the greatest equipment I have ever used in my life.  Amazing!

Dan Pollock
Fountain Valley, CA

We just got the SAM-451 a few months ago and it does a great job. Our operators love the machine.

Jess Culpepper
San Antonio, TX

I just love TURBO-Jr.Plus.  It is economical, easy to use, productive, and produces superb quality.   The best!!

Bill Alvarez
Orange, CA
Products Used:

“Last year we had Liz Davies out for a week working with our production manager and staff.   A presser who has worked for us for 14 years and is one of the most skilled pressers I have seen, learned a new technique for using the SAM until that changed her world.  She learned to trust the equipment and use the available settings to get the most out of what it was designed to do.  At first, she was skeptical.  Then she embraced it and it made her so happy because she reduced her need for touch-up, and garments like chef coats were no longer avoided or put off because they interrupt her flow.”

American Drycleaner, June 2020, page 20.

Laurie Greene
Napa Valley, CA

I bought 3 pieces of TURBO-JR.Plus at Clean Show 2019, and replaced an old Sankosha doublebuck shirt finisher.   These new machines have reduced my operating time by 30% (!).   Quite satisfied with the purchase.

Leo Wen Fu
Buffalo, MN
Products Used:

I love your machines.  All high-end shirts, shirts with special buttons, and Spandex shirts go on SAM.  SAM pays for itself in a heartbeat.

David Meyer
Phoenix, AZ

We loved the Turbo Junior so much that we bought a second the following year. Intuitive to use and easy to train on with solid quality to boot! Hi-Steam also comes with a great customer service staff willing and able to quickly help any and all needs. Great company!

Zachary Kinzer
Brooklyn, NY
Products Used:

The SAM-451 and JAM-510R are great machines.  I use both machines everyday and I haven't had a problem in approximately ten years. 

John Philips
Woodland, CA
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