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See what our customers say about us...

We got the Turbo-Jr up and running and we are very pleased with the quality, ease of use and speed of the machine. Very Very Pleased!! ;-)

Carla Chang
Wood Brook, TRINIDAD
Products Used:

SAM 451 is working out magnificently.   Very Happy.

Jose Lustgarten
Aventura, FL

I have tried a lot of machines, but Hi-Steam's got to be the best engineered machine in the market.  We have a SAM and we love it. 

Grant Carson
Alameda, CA

"I have 2 SAMs, and we love them both."
Purchased first SAM in 2004-5, second in 2007

Andrew Tirpock
Flemington, NJ

The SAM 451 is the finest piece of finishing equipment I ever saw, the craftsmanship and technology is perrfection.

Dan Del Rossi
Las Vegas, NV

Speaking of ES-2000AR spotting board: "I ditched our last Cissell for a Hi-Steam with integrated vacuum and haven't looked back. Far and away the best spotting board I have used.

Craig Goulian
Emerson, NJ
Products Used:

I have 7 SAM-451s and 1 TURBO-483. At Wynn Resort, Las Vegas, I finish 4000 pieces a day. SAM-451 is a shirt unit on steroids.

Richard Amir
Las Vegas, NV

Bought TURBO-483 in Sept., 2013. The best investment ever made. Thrilled to have this machine.

John Kufudi
St. Johns, Newfoundland, Canada

We have 2 SAMs, 3 JAMs and 3 PAMs ... Thanks for all your help over the phone.

Sajid Veera
Manhattan Beach, CA

We have now been using the 451 for two months, and I want to let you know how happy we are with the machine. It has made life a lot easier for our pressers, saving both time and increasing our quality. Blouse, chef jackets, shirts etc. just sparkle. The machine has put us a step ahead of our competitors, you have a very happy customer. Thanks for taking the time to help us and to follow up making sure all details were taken care of.

Curtis Duke Quinones
Monterey, CA
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