Rectangular Commercial Vacuum Ironing Board

PND-98U shown with optional Sleeve Buck
List Price: $2,376.00
Price: $2,376.00
Weight: 187 lb.

Shown with optional Sleeve Buck,  Iron + Iron Lifter Conveyor


  • Mini-Boiler sold seperate
  • Strong self-contained vacuum for faster drying
  • Optional swing arm and heated sleeve buck
  • Optional conveyer and iron lifter
  • Heavy duty construction assures highest finishing quality
  • Heated main pressing surface ironing board
  • Touch-up Board
  • ETL Listed
  • All Sales Final
Model PND-98U
Voltage 120 V IPH (220V OPTIONAL) 60 HZ 2000 WATTS
Pressing Surface 31.5” X 49.2”
Machine Dimensions 59” WIDE X 32.25” DEEP

Features and Specifications subject to change without notice.

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