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Tensioning Shirt and Blouse Finisher Plus

Tensioning Shirt Finisher Plus
SAM-451 Diagram, with CB510 Collar & Cuff Press
SKU: SAM-451
Weight: 660 lb.
SAM-451 for "hand finished quality" for shirts, blouses, lab coats, polo shirts, suit jackets, etc

This popular universal finisher can turn out shirts, blouses, lab coats, jackets, etc. looking hand-finished by an expert presser.

  • Sending out shirts now?

    You can finish them in-house.

  • Too many shirts for your existing shirt finisher?

    You can handle overflow.

  • Hand-pressing blouses, denim shirts, extra large or small shirts, lab coats, chef’s coats, etc.?

    No more hand-pressing; finish difficult garments on SAM451; save time & money.

  • Want to press dry cleaned men’s and ladies suit jackets, casual jackets, etc.?

    Finish them on SAM451.



Click Here to see equipment diagrams

  • Hand finished look with no broken buttons and little or no touch-ups
  • All size garments, large & small , extra large or extra small shirts, extra large or extra small blouses (down to size 2 in ladies’ blouses)
  • Spandex© and other hard to press fabrics
  • All styles, cuts, and heavy starch
  • No shine or discoloration on dark colored garments
  • Height adjustable: easy to load short garments (shirts, blouses) raise the form for tall garments
  • Simple to operate no experience needed
  • Efficient Press body & sleeves in one operation Electric Eye – automatically finds the proper length of the garment<
  • Self-contained Vacuum allows operator to properly position the shirt
  • ETL Listed
  • 9 programs for steam, steam/air and air cycles.
    Click here  for  steam chart.
Dry Cleaning For Laundry Wet Cleaning
Press dry cleaned blouses,
men’s and ladies’ jackets
(suit and casual), etc.
Press damp, laundered
shirts, blouses, lab coats
produces 35-40 shirts / hr
Press wet cleaned jackets & other garments; special shoulder incline adjustment for jackets


Electricity 220V, 3 Ph, 20 A
Air Pressure 80 PSI
Steam Consumption 44-88 LBS/ HR
Machine Size / Arms folded (approximate) 24.0”(W) x 60”(D)
Machine Size / Arms fully extended 74.8”(W) x 60”(D)

Features and Specifications subject to change without notice.


I love your machines.  All high-end shirts, shirts with special buttons, and Spandex shirts go on SAM.  SAM pays for itself in a heartbeat.

David Meyer
Phoenix, AZ

We absolutely love SAM-451. One of our best purchases ever!

Cameron Bastien
Vancouver, Canada

SAM-451 is the best machine that I have bought in 25 years.  Almost zero maintenance.  Superb quality.  I have gotten more compliments on shirts that I did on SAM-451 than any other equipment I have used! 

Joel Leguina
Costa Mesa, CA

SAM is still a great machine. (Purchased in 2006)

John Riser
Newberry, SC

We love SAM-451!  The machine is fast and high quality.

Andy Fleener
Chipley, FL

I have been using the Hi-Steam Tensioning SAM-451 for at least 8 years.  That has been the best addition  to my production to press the small women's blouses to the super-sized men's shirts.  They also kept the eye on development because when they improved the equipment, I was able to upgrade and retrofit the machine!

Jan Barlow
Clio, MI

SAM is great for "finishing shirts"; this machine does just about everything; one of the better purchases I made;  my pressers will walk out if anything ever happened to this machine.

John Riser
Newberry, SC

SAM 451 is working out magnificently.   Very Happy.

Jose Lustgarten
Aventura, FL

I have tried a lot of machines, but Hi-Steam's got to be the best engineered machine in the market.  We have a SAM and we love it. 

Grant Carson
Alameda, CA

"I have 2 SAMs, and we love them both."
Purchased first SAM in 2004-5, second in 2007

Andrew Tirpock
Flemington, NJ

The SAM 451 is the finest piece of finishing equipment I ever saw, the craftsmanship and technology is perrfection.

Dan Del Rossi
Las Vegas, NV

I have 7 SAM-451s and 1 TURBO-483. At Wynn Resort, Las Vegas, I finish 4000 pieces a day. SAM-451 is a shirt unit on steroids.

Richard Amir
Las Vegas, NV

We have 2 SAMs, 3 JAMs and 3 PAMs ... Thanks for all your help over the phone.

Sajid Veera
Manhattan Beach, CA

We have now been using the 451 for two months, and I want to let you know how happy we are with the machine. It has made life a lot easier for our pressers, saving both time and increasing our quality. Blouse, chef jackets, shirts etc. just sparkle. The machine has put us a step ahead of our competitors, you have a very happy customer. Thanks for taking the time to help us and to follow up making sure all details were taken care of.

Curtis Duke Quinones
Monterey, CA

Bought SAM-451 in January 2013. I am more than satisfied. All my pressers love it. We do shirts, blouses, jackets, lab coats.

Philip Kang
Closter, NJ

I have had SAM-451 over 8 years, it is awesome. We do everything on it.

Jim Servellon
Coral Springs, FL
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