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Tensioning Pants Topper PAM-510

Tensioning Pants Topper PAM-510
SKU: PAM-510
Weight: 390 lb.
Finishes the entire pair of pants (not just the top of the pants) very fast (approximately 9 seconds in operating cycle to press dry jeans, “Dockers” and dress pants). Uncreased pants come off this machine completely finished, requiring little further pressing. Pants requiring creases can usually be done on a legger in a very short cycle (4-5 seconds) because the whole leg has been pre-finished. Increase your productivity 30-50%. Our customers say that they can press 50 pairs of pants or more per hour with one operator.


The Hi-Steam PAM-510 Tensioning Pants Topper makes quick work of finishing all types of pants.

Click Here For Video Of PAM-510P Pants Topper With Pleat Paddles

  • Waistband Tensioning Device Automatically adjusts to proper size.
  • Adjustable Cuff Clamps Holds cuffs in proper position.
  • Inside Cuff ExpandersEliminates clamp marks.
  • Electronic Program Controls Can program steam, steam/air, and air cycle times.
  • Automatic Tensioning At the start of the steam cycle the pants are placed under tension. Especially important for wetcleaned garments.
  • ETL Listed
Electricity 230V, 3 Ph, 15.5 A
Air Pressure 90 -125  PSI
Steam Consumption 10-20 Kg/ Hr
Machine Dimensions 20” x 45” x 78"

Features and Specifications subject to change without notice.

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