PAM-510 Pants Topper

PAM-510 Pants Topper
SKU: PAM-510
Weight: 527 lb.
Tensioning Pants Topper
  • Waistband Tensioning Device - Automatically adjusts to proper size
  • Adjustable Cuff Clamps - Holds cuffs in proper position
  • Inside Cuff Expanders - Eliminates clamps marks on uncreased trousers
  • Electronic Program Controls - Can program 9 separate programs for steam, steam & air, air
  • Automatic Tensioning -  At the start of steam cycle you can select tensioning (great for wet-cleaned garmets)


Electricity 220V   3PH   15 AMPS
Air Pressure 80-125 PSI
Steam Consumption 10-20 KG/HR
Machine Size W  20”  x  D 45”  x H 78”
Net Weight 527 LBS

Features and Specifications subject to change without notice.

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