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Why Tensioning Equipment?

Tensioning equipment finishes the garment by blowing steam and hot air through the garment while holding the garment under strong tension.

Tensioning equipment is simple to operate, easy on fabric (no wear, tear, broken buttons or discoloration of the garment from a hot metal plate), and provides a beautiful finish, with hardly any touch up.

Best of all, our tensioning equipment can be operated by any unskilled operator (no experienced / expensive presser is needed), so business can continue to operate even when your presser cannot come to work.

TURBO-JR (E) Electric Shirt Finisher

TURBO-JR (E) Electric Shirt Finisher
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Most affordable shirt finisher.
No Boiler Needed!
  • Perfect for: Hotel Valet, Hotel Laundry Rooms, New Coin Laundries, Shirt dept. away from boiler,  Large Drop-off Stores , shopping malls, etc.
  • 40 shirts per hour


Form Finisher

Tensioning Form Finisher
Not just a shapeless inflatable bag, this machine tensions the garment vertically and horizontally with padded metal forms to restore the garment to its original three dimensional shape. Perfect for tuxedos, jackets, overcoats, dresses, blouses, skirts and golf shirts. Finish your average garment in 12-15 seconds.


Tensioning Shirt Finisher TURBO-484 COBRA

TURBO-484 COBRA Tensioning Shirt Finisher
TURBO-484 COBRA Tensioning Shirt Finisher
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TURBO-484 COBRA is for the cleaner who wants the very best finishing quality for his shirts. The finish is as good as that on expensive hand-finished shirts.


Tensioning Pants Topper PAM-510

Tensioning Pants Topper PAM-510
Finishes the entire pair of pants (not just the top of the pants) very fast (approximately 9 seconds in operating cycle to press dry jeans, “Dockers” and dress pants). Uncreased pants come off this machine completely finished, requiring little further pressing. Pants requiring creases can usually be done on a legger in a very short cycle (4-5 seconds) because the whole leg has been pre-finished. Increase your productivity 30-50%. Our customers say that they can press 50 pairs of pants or more per hour with one operator.


Rotating Form Finisher

JAM510R Rotating Form Finisher


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JAM510R Tensioning Form Finisher with rotating form for easy loading of garments

JAM-510 & JAM510R

Tensioning Shirt and Blouse Finisher Plus

Tensioning Shirt Finisher Plus
SAM-451 Diagram, with CB510 Collar & Cuff Press
SAM-451 for "hand finished quality" for shirts, blouses, lab coats, polo shirts, suit jackets, etc

This popular universal finisher can turn out shirts, blouses, lab coats, jackets, etc. looking hand-finished by an expert presser.

  • Sending out shirts now?

    You can finish them in-house.

  • Too many shirts for your existing shirt finisher?

    You can handle overflow.

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